Thursday, 20 August 2015

One in, one out... That's how it goes!

I've found this year difficult. Whether that's to do with the current climate around education as a whole or just the climate in my school I'm not sure, but the screws are being turned and I've struggled.

I've found it difficult to remove myself from work, but I'm determined that this won't be the case in the forthcoming year.

As for the previous year, I've found it difficult with my bottom end year 7 classes, but thoroughly enjoyed teaching year 8 and 9. I've loved having my first GCSE top set in Year 10 and they're making great progress, but my year 11 were hard work after getting them as part of a 'firefighting' mission.

They received their results today (Set 4/5ish, 80% 3LOP, 17/22 Cs from Ds and Es in September 2014 - not representative of the school unfortunately) and many barely gave me a second look as they left. This doesn't get me - I'll miss them less than they'll miss me - but what did was the response of one girl who threw her arms around me and let a few tears out at her relief at finally getting there. It's what makes 9 months of hard work worth it!

Aside from my classes, the second Academic Smackdown event was another hit and the Quizmas Smackdown was bags of fun too. I had a hard (but good) week away with next year's Young Leaders, and I've also been delivering Further Maths to 14 of my year 10s at lunch time.

Next year looks like it will be no different in terms of workload, but I must make a few changes personally.

I have some more time in school this year (thanks to my head, deputy and HOD) to complete tasks that have taken their toll last year and will be paid lunch duties for delivering Further Maths and the departmental AGT club, but my plans are basic:

* Stick to a homework timetable for my classes.
* Stick to a marking timetable to keep up to date with my books.
* Listen to, and follow, instructions more.
* Not get bogged down by the switch to 100-minute lessons and rethinking my delivery.

Personally, there's a lot going on this year, so I need to keep my head straight.

* Stag do in October half term (meat, Zombie hunting experience and golf).
* My previously posted Christmas plans.
* A week in Finland during February half term, during which I'll turn 30 AND get married.
* 2 nights in New York and a 12-night Caribbean cruise at Easter for my honeymoon.

I'm excited, but I'm apprehensive. Two more weeks to go, loads of work to be done and shared. On, on, on...

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