Thursday, 16 April 2015

First a Ratio Robbery, now a Jewel Heist...

Recently, I tweeted about my distaste at teachers being given the opportunity to sell resources on TES. I've gained a lot of good resources from TES that I still regularly use, which has been massively influential on my development as a teacher. I download resources for free and I share resources for free. That's the way it should be - teachers using their time to create and share resources for the good of other students across the world.

I've uploaded some pretty rubbish resources to TES, but this one gets excellent reviews:

I gave it to a new colleague to take to a meeting and he came back telling me that three other people had the same resource and accused him of downloading it from TES and taking it in. I had to take a screen print and e-mail it to him to convince him otherwise.

I like this resource. Kids engage with it and it's nice to wheel it out every year. But what about that same class the next year? You can't just wheel out the same resource...

Enter 'Jewel Heist'. It's nothing ground breaking, and almost exactly the same as Ratio Robberies, but gives another option to pull out of the bag. I've also been made aware of this resource too, which I'm hoping to pull out of the bag at some point.

You'll notice that this isn't a link to TES, but to the e-Library on the National STEM Centre. I'm intending to leave my current resources on TES (because I don't want to spend the time going back through blog posts to alter links), but won't be uploading any more because of the 'buying resources' thing. I've also uploaded 'Ratio Robberies' to the National STEM Centre too, so they can sit side by side.


  1. Is it possible to download the resources through the STEM website or just view an image of them?

    1. Hi Kerry. The resource is just an image, so right click and save as. I'm sure that other file types would download in a different way.