Thursday, 19 January 2012

Connect Thoughts

Inspired by this blog post on 'Think-Tac-Toes' by Mr. Collins I set about finding all I could about them. I encountered an English adaptation called 'Thoughts and Crosses', in which the idea is the same - pick three questions in a row and have a go at them.

I thought that this may lack of a bit of choice, so immediately considered a 'Connect Four' type activity called 'Connect Thoughts'. Each row is graded, with the bottom being an F, second being E, D and C (as I only teach Foundation tier for the time being).
I intend for it to be a fifteen-minute activity, where pupils attempt four questions which make a line - with the idea being that a pupil might want to show progress (F, E, D, C) or consolidate their understanding of grade D questions before moving higher.
A chat with a colleague earlier indicated that it might well be used to allow pupils to race one another, or even play a game of Connect Four and put counters on their questions that they answered correctly - starting at F and blocking each other off as they go.

Here is the first one, completed:
Connect Thoughts - Percentages

Any feedback would be outstanding and I'll look to post more as I get them done.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Angry Birds... Subdued kids...

Today was the first day back. Typically, kids were a bit mental. The wind wasn't a great addition, sending them loopy too. Having Year 11 Set 5 two lessons wasn't the best idea, so the last half hour was spent with these:

I had a kid say that this was his most fun lesson in years and another went round picking up Birds and Pigs that people had left to take home with him!

I strongly recommend using them for a relaxed lesson with the sole intention to have kids improve their ability to visualise nets folding up.

Drawbacks for me were that I photocopied them onto paper at short notice. Definitely plan ahead, get them photocopied in colour on to card. Maybe even arrange for kids to bring a weighted object in that will roll, so that once you're done you can roll them at each other across tables.
One of the kids cut the ears/hair out and stuck them over the 'slots' on the top - works extremely well!

Thanks to Mr. Collins for blogging about the files! :)

[Update: After a brief flurry of exchanged Tweets, I've had thoughts of how I might have done this with improved planning and more time.
I'd have definitely created a level for the models to live in - colour printed backdrop on A3.
I'd have also had some kids create towers by making differently sized cuboids and perhaps decorate these with lollipop sticks to give a wood effect.
If I'm able to fashion a slingshot, I'll have the Birds stuffed to increase their weight.
As an extension, it may also be possible to investigate the best way to weight the birds to get furthest travel - cotton wool to minimise damage, or plasticine to increase weight?

Just a few thoughts...]