Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My students survived a zombie apocalypse...

I've blogged (somewhat) recently about circus time. (Link). Short story: Pupils spend 5 minutes working on different skills by working in groups and move to the next table to complete a different recap activity, until they have completed 6 (or so) recap activities within the hour.

Here's my new idea for themed revision. To make it a bit of a laugh/an experience.

Recently BBC Three started showing a reality show with a zombie themeI decided that this would be my new theme for a revision lesson.

Setting the scene: I'll block the window with a 'don't open dead inside' board with a hat tip to the Walking Dead. 

The door will have caution tape across it requiring students to step into the room, creating an atmosphere. 

Blood spatter will decorate the room and the tables will be set out as 'rescue points'. Students sit at a rescue point whilst a video plays.

You will need the video (removed from my Dropbox due to the sheer size of it and it having my links suspended. I have uploaded to OneDrive, but please DM me on Twitter - @taylorda01 - for a link). It's a little large (about 800MB!), is 45 minutes long and runs the lesson. You'd also need 6 5-minute long activities (exam questions/quick skills recaps) and your tables in 6 groups.

Here's how the video works:
3 and a half minutes or so of 'broken TV' multicoloured screen and beeping.
Warning siren followed by the opening credits from BBC and a back story explanation from Greg James (also from the BBC).
Instructions are given: write the rescue point, you'll have five minutes at each rescue point, complete the work in the time given, move to the next rescue point when a new public address video plays.

Press play when kids start arriving. Allow kids to take a seat and have a pen out. Give them a piece of paper or put activities in piles on each desk. The beeping will make your board look broken - say that the technicians are on their way! The introduction will play, instructions given. The main part of the lesson starts now with intermittent zombie noises whilst students work. After five minutes the address comes on and kids move to work on the next skill.

The beauty of this, I find, is that this is massively open to any skills or recall of knowledge. With year 7 we can practice basic skills, but with year 11 it could be timed exam questions. Themed would be great, but not totally necessary, right?

I'd love to get your thoughts on this and any uses. I'll upload any themed revision resources that I make too! I'm thinking zombie tree diagrams, stratified sampling, averages, speed and others...!

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