Thursday, 12 December 2013

I'm a maths student... Get me out of here!

I follow a blog by @HoDTeacher called 'The View From The Maths Bunker'. This blog came up on my Feedly the other day and I love it...

Introducing... 'I'm in M2... GET ME OUT OF HERE!'

I'll put this in to SMART Notebook and put one of their timers beneath the 'Timer' bit and above our hosts, Ant & Dec ("Howay man!").  I'll add stars beneath the 'No. of Stars' column and assign questions to these. I was thinking that expanding single brackets would be a good one to use as 1 star could be assigned to 2(4x - 3), 2 stars to 2x(3x + 2) and 4 stars to 3(2x - 5) + 4(3 + x) as the 4 stars gives a good 'Risk and Reward' element.

It will be a competition between two sets of pupils (boys and girls, maybe) and the winning group will be aloud out of the classroom first - to break, lunch or ICT/English. Each group will be represented by a name picked at random using a random name generator and the 'opposing' group are to shout at the participants to put them off.

Will make a very exciting end to some rather dreary topics, I hope!

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