Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Angry Birds... Subdued kids...

Today was the first day back. Typically, kids were a bit mental. The wind wasn't a great addition, sending them loopy too. Having Year 11 Set 5 two lessons wasn't the best idea, so the last half hour was spent with these:

I had a kid say that this was his most fun lesson in years and another went round picking up Birds and Pigs that people had left to take home with him!

I strongly recommend using them for a relaxed lesson with the sole intention to have kids improve their ability to visualise nets folding up.

Drawbacks for me were that I photocopied them onto paper at short notice. Definitely plan ahead, get them photocopied in colour on to card. Maybe even arrange for kids to bring a weighted object in that will roll, so that once you're done you can roll them at each other across tables.
One of the kids cut the ears/hair out and stuck them over the 'slots' on the top - works extremely well!

Thanks to Mr. Collins for blogging about the files! :)

[Update: After a brief flurry of exchanged Tweets, I've had thoughts of how I might have done this with improved planning and more time.
I'd have definitely created a level for the models to live in - colour printed backdrop on A3.
I'd have also had some kids create towers by making differently sized cuboids and perhaps decorate these with lollipop sticks to give a wood effect.
If I'm able to fashion a slingshot, I'll have the Birds stuffed to increase their weight.
As an extension, it may also be possible to investigate the best way to weight the birds to get furthest travel - cotton wool to minimise damage, or plasticine to increase weight?

Just a few thoughts...]


  1. Used the idea and template in my classroom. This was a terrific lesson. I was also able to include volume and measurement concepts.

  2. I am planning to use this activity in the next weeks. I can't wait for the kids reaction. Thanks

  3. This looks really fun! Showing them to students and then getting the students to design their own, birds or other things, would be great. Thanks for sharing.