Friday, 30 December 2011

The Extra Curricular

I recently wrote a blog post titled 'It's all about attitude, not ability...' It was a thought of mine regarding pupil ability against pupil attitude and suggesting that maybe some pupils will achieve higher than others whilst being considered 'less intelligent' than those they achieve higher than.

Everything that I am about to post, resources wise, is available at the Teaching AQA GCSE Maths blog. I just figured that it might be nice to have them put in one blog post, one after the other. They also have some activities on London 2012 coming up, too, I believe.

Back to my point: I want to create an extra curricular activity session so that my pupils who exhibit a good attitude and a willingness to succeed are given every chance in doing so and making as much progress this year as possible. I came across this six-episode activity on the blog mentioned previously and thought that it would be great for group work in such a session.

I intend to invite 20 kids back (10 year 7s, 6 year 8s and 4 year 9s) with (possibly) a few year 10s and 11s to lead. They will be put into 5 groups of 4 (with one year 10/11 pupil to organise) and be put through their paces in 'Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Devil's Eye'. Given my role as Sherlock Holmes in the staff pantomime, this fits in perfectly. There is a task guide available and each of the following worksheets are available to download from Scribd.

Introductory Session
00 Pilot

00 Map of London

00 Pilot Worksheet

Episode 1
01 Episode 1

01 Episode 1 Worksheet

01 Episode 1 Solution

Episode 2
02 Episode 2

02 Episode 2 Worksheet

02 Episode 2 Solution

Episode 3
03 Episode 3

03 Episode 3 Worksheet

03 Episode 3 Solution

Episode 4
04 Episode 4

04 Episode 4 Worksheet

04 Episode 4 Solution

Episode 5
05 Episode 5

05 Episode 5 Worksheet

05 Episode 5 Solution

Episode 6
06 Episode 6

06 Episode 6 Newspaper Cutting

06 Episode 6 Solution

06 Episode 6 Solution

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