Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Mr Taylor's Toolbox Challenge

Last Easter my wife and I headed off on our honeymoon - we flew to New York, spent a few nights there, and cruised around the Caribbean before returning to less sunny shores and continuing with our more mundane existences.

We cruised with Royal Caribbean on their 'Anthem of the Seas' ship which was just lovely, but the reason I mention this is because I started making plans for a puzzle solving competition whilst we were on board.

Before we flew, my better half was on a cruising forum and booked a few excursions whilst we were in port and added us to a group taking on their 'Escape Room'. I took some students to one a few years back, and we had also done one after my brother bought us a gift voucher for Christmas.

Having made some plans, drawn some diagrams and got my hopes up, I came back and promptly did nothing about it.

More recently, I saw a tweet from an American teacher linking to this page, found some of the items on Amazon and eBay, a Stanley toolbox for £4 at Halfords and started to put some puzzles together.

My intention is to invite groups of four to do it at lunch time, with a leader board displayed prominently in my classroom window. I'm hoping to have 3 sets of the challenge for different half terms (maybe 2, 4 and 6) so that groups can have another go at a different challenge.

If you'd like me to share the resources, I am happy to (e-mail me, d.taylor3142[AT], but will not be adding them to my web site in case students happen upon my online space by accident. If you do, you'll need the following:

  • a box (a toolbox) that can be locked using a combination lock, 
  • a hasp, 
  • a directional multilock, 
  • an alphabet combination lock, 
  • three 3-digit combination locks (although I hope to change these a little in future, and get a few different locks), 
  • a key lock, 
  • a UV torch,
  • and a UV ink pen.

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