Saturday, 12 April 2014


A number of a days, weeks or months (I forget, as everything recently has turned in to one big mess) I came across the Corbett Maths '5-a-day' resource on the Corbett Maths web site. A fantastic idea, but something that I wanted in a more 'usable' format in mixed ability forms so that our students are getting a diet of 'little and often'.

I threw something together (linked to Brazil 2014) and tweeted them, but wasn't entirely happy. Since deleting them, I've thought long and hard about how I want them to work and come up with... '5-a-side' (a proper rip off of '5-a-day', sorry) but the questions are taken from (or heavily inspired by) the 1 or 2 mark questions from the first ten questions of AQA papers from 2009 and 2010. The 'First 5' section comes from the first 10 questions of the foundation papers and 'Last 5' from the first 10 questions of the higher paper.

Rather simply, display it on the board through registration and allow students to work through at their own pace. I intend to e-mail answers out to form tutors that can be easily displayed too.

Here are two others that I've currently got through:

Any feedback gratefully received...


  1. These are great. Just what I'm looking for. Have you created any more since April?

    1. Unfortunately not, but they are on my never ending to do list!

      Thanks for your kind words :)