Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Chase... Competitive times tables activity!

Every day, 5pm, ITV1.

I watch The Chase on a daily basis whilst I eat with my partner. I don't think the format lends itself well to the classroom on the whole, but I think 'The Final Chase' does.

Pick a child, any child. I'll be picking mine using a random name generator.
The child is to pick four pupils to chase - they're likely to choose their friends, as I don't think they've got the tactics to pick the lower ability kids in the group.
The four pupils who they've chosen to chase are given a minute to answer as many multiplication problems as possible - when a question is asked, only the person who is asked to answer may answer (wrong person answers, whether correct or not, are not accepted).
The chaser then has their minute to answer as many multiplication problems as possible, aiming to beat the target set by the four pupils they chose to chase.
Pupil scores are noted in the league table and the winners are to be celebrated at the end of the year.

The league table is to be scored on number of multiplication problems answered, and any ties decided by the difference between their score and the score they chased.

Potential alterations:
Make the original chase the whole class, one question each. Chaser chases the score set by the rest of the class.
Extend to other topics - fractions of an amount, percentages, and others.

I've made a SMART Notebook file for use, downloadable from here.

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