Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gangster Squad: The Four Measures of Average

On Friday evening I went to the cinema with my old man, my brother, his partner and mine to see the new Ryan Gosling film 'Gangster Squad'. I do this, and it annoys me - there was one point in the film where the 'Gangster Squad leader's wife is looking over some information about who he can recruit. I thought I could do something with it, and here is my effort...

I'll start with a 'teaser' clip. I wanted the trailer, but there's bad language and references to sexual behaviour, so I eventually came to this:

There are four tasks available here, for two different sets of data. The tasks are to work out who to recruit from the data you are given, using the mean, median, mode and range. I hope (since this has taken me a decent amount of time) that each one gives you a different squad with (possibly) a few repeats across the tasks.

Tell them that they're putting a squad together and they're to choose five police officers from the choices given. At the end of the task, you can check their work by asking who they'd pick and why...

I chose fictional police officers from, firstly, TV and film, and secondly, cartoons.

I'm quite proud of this one. I hope you can get some use from it and if you find any errors or improvements, please do let me know.

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